Coronation Street Cats

by | Nov 24, 2017 | History, Manchester, TV

The opening title sequence of Coronation Street is well known for the clip of cat on the rooftops. The cat was initially included by accident when it walked into the shot whilst filming in 1976. The cat became an integral part of the opening credits and was just as notorious as the characters.

The original cat was used in the sequence up until the debut of a new opening credit sequence in 1990. The cat was so popular that auditions were held for its replacement on ITV’s this morning. The winning cat was named Frisky, the shot of frisky was used in over 1000 Coronation Street episodes.

As well as the iconic title sequence, many of the Characters in the soap have also had pet cats. Minnie Cauldwell’s beloved cat Bobby lived with her at no. 5. When Bobby disappeared, Minnie replaced him with a stray named Sunny Jim. Sunny Jim was later renamed Bobby.

Our picture shows bobby the cat with his handler on the Coronation Street set.

Bobby the Corrie cat, with his handler.

Bobby the cat pictured with his handler. 16th April 1968.

Rescue cat Cleo was owned by Vera Duckworth. The cat was used to catch mice around the factory.

Marmaduke was Betty’s ginger cat, she was given the cat by Billy in 1995. When he died in 1997, the cat was of great comfort to Betty. Marmaduke fell ill in 2005 whilst Betty was away visiting her son, Sean Tully was looking after the cat at the time.

Hilda Ogden inherited the cat Rommel from her friend Ada Arrowsmith. After witnessing a robbery at the Lowther’s house in 1986, Hilda spent most of her time at home at No 13 with Rommell.

Jean Alexander with the coronation street cat

Actress Jean Alexander (Hilda Ogden) with Rommel the cat. November 1980.

Other Corrie cats include Maxine Peacock’s cat Bella and and Natalie Barnes’s pet cat Tiger. Janice Battersby’s lodger Trevor Dean also owned two cats named Tucker and Zammo.

What do you remember about the cats from Coronation Street?