April 10, 1960:

American falsetto singer Tiny Tim is mobbed by fans at Newcastle airport as he arrives in the UK at the start of a three week nightclub tour.

Born Herbert Butros Khaury, Tiny Tim found fame with his single Tiptoe Through the Tulips which went to No. 17 in the US charts in 1968.

He first sung the tune on the debut episode of American TV show Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, also in 1968.

April 13, 1975:

Teddy Boys stop playing pool for a moment to pose for the camera in a Manchester club.

The Teddy Boy style, based on the Edwardian era, included drape jackets with a velvet trim collar and high waisted drainpipe trousers – usually exposing colourful socks. Shirts were high-necked with a ‘Slim Jim’ tie.

The outfits were often tailor-made and expensive – and had to be paid by weekly instalments.

Shoes were usually crepe-soled brothel creepers or beetle crushers. Highly polished Oxford brogues were also favoured.

Teddy Boys.
Picture taken in the Manchester area in 1975.
Picture taken 13th April 1975

April 15, 1955:

American actress Doris Day continues her tour of the UK, little knowing that her recording of the song Que Sera Sera would be adopted by Manchester City fans decades later.

Day was one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, appearing in musical classics like Calamity Jane in 1953 and a series of romantic comedies with Rock Hudson.

Perhaps the most memorable of these was Pillow Talk in 1959 for which Day won an Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

Doris Day actress
April 1955