November 1, 1956:

Students at Manchester University stage a protest march against British involvement in the Suez crisis.
They were angry at Prime Minister Anthony Eden’s belligerent stance after Egypt’s leader Abdul Nasser nationalised the Suez Canal and Israel had invaded the Sinai peninsula.
British and French forces withdrew from the area after the USA threatened economic sanctions against the two countries.
Eden resigned as a result of the conflict and the United Nations Emergency Force was established to police the Egyptian-Israeli border.

November 3, 1960:

Fruit and veg abounds on this Wigan market stall, including boxes of dates so popular at Christmas and huge bunches of grapes – probably with the pips still in!
Decimalisation was still a decade away, so all the prices are in pounds, shillings and pence.
Food rationing in the UK after the Second World War finally ended on July 4th 1954, only six years before this photograph was taken.


November 1, 1965:

Beatles John Lennon and Paul McCartney take a well-earned break from filming at Granada studios in Manchester.
They were in the city to make the TV movie The Songs of Lennon and McCartney, which featured a galaxy of stars singing Beatles’ tunes as well as the Fab Four themselves.
Cilla Black, Lulu, Marianne Faithful and Peter and Gordon all took part – but the undoubted highlight of the movie was comedian Peter Sellers performing A Hard Day’s Night in the style of Laurence Olivier playing Richard III!