March 22, 1991:

The Queen smiles radiantly as she is surrounded by flags and flowers on a walkabout in Stockport.
Well-wishers gathered early to catch a glimpse of their monarch, who was making an official visit to the North West.
It was to prove a momentous year for the Queen. A few months later in May, she became the first British monarch to address a joint meeting of the United States Congress after the coalition victory in the Gulf War.
She praised the spirit of democracy shared by Great Britain and the USA as well as an absolute belief in individual freedom.

March 19, 1970:

Recording star Don Fardon helps United footballer George Best open his new boutique in Manchester. Between them is sandwich-board man Mike Hawkin.
Farndon was also plugging his single Georgie – based on the achievements of the Reds’ mercurial winger.
A former draughtsman, Fardon was best known for his 1968 cover version of the song Indian Reservation by John D. Loudermilk.
The record was a worldwide hit, selling more than a million copies after going to No. 3 in the UK. Georgie never made it to the charts.

March 17, 1952:

Former England player Stan Worthington gives some batting hints to Cheshire Women’s Cricketer Mrs. Audrey Blois at Old Trafford.
Intently watching the coaching session is Cheshire Women’s team-mate Mrs. H. D. Davis.
Women’s cricket has a long pedigree in England. The first recorded match took place between the ladies of Bramley and Hambledon in July 1745.