October 9, 1945:

This remarkable image from the M.E.N. archive shows the intrepid ‘Navy Boys’ who helped clear the Manchester Ship Canal of unexploded bombs after World War II.
The brave divers were literally human minesweepers, who risked danger every day operating in harbours from Cherbourg to Bremen.
As for the back-roll into the murky water, it’s little wonder the divers occasionally sought some light relief from their perilous task.

October 5, 1957:

A young Bobby Charlton, second left, sweeps into the attack as Manchester United take on Aston Villa take in a First Division match at Old Trafford.
Working hard to block Charlton’s way is Villa right-back Stan Lyn while ‘keeper Nigel Sims prepares to make a save.
The result was a 4-1 win for United. Among the scorers were Tommy Taylor and David Pegg, who both lost their lives later that season in the Munich air disaster of February 6th 1958.
The air crash devastated the legendary ‘Busby Babes’ as eight players died. Manager Matt Busby received the last rites at his hospital bed, but pulled through to lead his team to European Cup glory a decade later in May 1968.


October 8, 1962:

It’s amazing what you can find in dustbins! Three happy Manchester dustmen came across a set of bowler hats outside an office in Market Street – and decided to wear them on their rounds.
They certainly looked smart and dapper in their work.