January 15, 1962:

Just like now, mass vaccination was in full swing 60 years ago. But this time the targeted virus was smallpox, not Covid 19.

Doctors commandeered Manchester Town Hall to deliver doses of the vaccine during the 1962 outbreak – without face masks or social distancing.

The physician and scientist Edward Jenner introduced the modern smallpox vaccine in 1796. The disease was eradicated after intensive efforts by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1980.

January 12, 1980:

Manchester United centre half Gordon McQueen, right, closes down a Middlesbrough attack during the First Division encounter between the two sides at Ayresome Park.

The match ended in a 1-1 draw with United’s goal coming from winger Mickey Thomas. David Armstrong scored for Middlesbrough.

The Red Devils, under manager Dave Sexton, went on to finish second in the league on 58 points – just two points behind champions Liverpool.

Scottish international McQueen made 184 league appearances for United from 1978 to 1985 after signing from Leeds for £500,000. He won 30 caps for Scotland.


January 7, 1987:

Here’s a sight rarely seen over the past eight months – a thriving and busy Manchester city centre full of shoppers hunting for New Year bargains.

Market Street is packed with people visiting the Arndale Centre on the left or moving further along to Debenhams. The Christmas decorations are still in place.

The picture today is very different. As we enter the third national lockdown, only essential shops and stores remain open.

Manchester City centre