April 14, 1968:

Most people are content with building the odd patio, wall or shed in their garden – but not John Worthington of Salford.
He spent the winter making a 16ft cabin cruiser on the roof behind his terraced home.
We’re not sure what the neighbours made of it, but wife Beryl and son Robert are clearly delighted with Dad’s handiwork.
Of course, once he’d built the boat there was the small problem of getting it down from the roof!

April 12, 1992:

Manchester City defender Keith Curle competes in the Rumbelows Sprint Challenge before the League Cup Final at Wembley.
The aim was to find the fastest footballer in the Premier League over 100m. Players had to run in full kit and football boots in a series of heats leading to an all-star final.
Curle, second left, is pictured racing against Michael Gilkes of Reading, John Williams of Swansea and Adrian Littlejohn of Sheffield United to take the title.
Williams, the eventual winner, pocketed a first prize of £10,000.

April 15, 1950:

Shoppers are out and about on Manchester’s busy Market Street looking for spring bargains.
It was still a time of austerity as rationing on clothes had only just been lifted – five years after the end of the war. Restrictions on meat were still in force.
Rationing on flour stopped in July 1948 followed by canned fruit, chocolate biscuits and treacle in May 1950. Petrol rationing also ended in May 1950.
Sugar rationing was not lifted until 1953.