February 11, 1967:

Manchester United striker Denis Law takes on the Nottingham Forest defence during a fiercely contested First Division encounter at Old Trafford.

United won the match 1-0 with a goal from Law himself. He went on to be the Red Devils’ top scorer for the season with 25 goals in all competitions.

It was a vintage campaign for United under manager Matt Busby. They won the league with 60 points, finishing four points ahead of second-placed Forest. FA Cup winners Tottenham Hotspur were third.

February 14, 1984:

The latest trends of the 1980s were featured in a Valentine’s Day fashion spread for the M.E.N. in 1984. Canvas jackets with big pockets were clearly in!

The jacket retailed at £16.99 while the canvas jeans cost £14.99. The collarless striped cotton shirt was priced at £9.99. We’re not sure what the boots would have cost.

Parachute pants, net shirts and muscle shirts (basically tee-shirts without sleeves) were also big fashion items in 1984, along with acid-washed jeans and a comeback for the mini-skirt.

Mens Fashion 1984

February 17, 1941:

A paratrooper from the fledgling Special Air Service goes through a training exercise near Manchester.

The SAS was formed as a regiment in July 1941 and then reformed as part of the Territorial Army in 1947. It was later reconstituted as a corps in 1950.

The regiment’s operational duties include hostage rescue – most famously storming the Iranian Embassy in 1980 – counter-terrorism missions, direct action and covert reconnaissance.

Parachute Troop