June 12, 1967:

Workers look out over Manchester Docks with two ships ready to unload in the distance. There are still traces of mist in the morning air.

The late 1960s were a time of great change for the Port of Manchester, which had been in operation since 1894. Containerisation had arrived.

Trade blossomed for a while as cargo values increased even though volumes declined. But the writing was on the wall as the locks on the Manchester Ship Canal couldn’t cope with bigger container vessels.

Business inevitably moved elsewhere and the docks closed in 1982.

June 13, 1967:

Cars park at Manchester’s Ringway Airport at a time when air travel was less fraught and not subject to stringent Covid testing regulations.

Standing on the runway beyond the rows of parked vehicles is what looks like a Vickers VC10 jet operated by the British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC).

Major improvements were carried out at Ringway in the 1960s, including the extension of the runway to 2,745 metres. This enabled fully laden aircraft to take off and fly non-stop to Canada.

Freight traffic also increased greatly during the decade. By 1969, the airport was handling more than 40,000 tonnes a year.


June 12, 1948:

We’re not entirely sure what Sandy the terrier was doing in the smoking compartment of the Manchester to Southport train, but the picture was just too appealing to ignore!

Perhaps he was just socially distancing in the corner seat…