May 26, 1964:

Manchester band The Hollies have played in some unusual spots in their time – but probably none as odd as a zoo!

Pictured during a publicity photo-shoot at Chessington Zoo are, from left, Graham Nash, Bobby Elliott and Tony Hicks.

The group had just reached No. 4 in the UK singles charts with their song Here I Go Again.

We’re not sure what the camel made of the band’s distinctive three-part harmonies, but the boys carried on regardless!


May 25, 1954:

Bass drum player Lily Mullany concentrates hard as she beats time for the 2nd Battalion of the Girls’ Brigade.

The 15-year-old was taking part in the annual church parade at Manchester Cathedral – and was determined not to put a foot wrong.

Church parades have always been a feature of spring and summer in Manchester. The annual Whit Walks date back to 1801.


May 19, 1957:

The main gates at Manchester Docks are deserted during an unofficial strike.

Earlier in the year another strike and work-to-rule over pay had brought the ports of Liverpool and London to a standstill.

Other ports, including Manchester, came out in sympathy when the government tried to use wartime regulations to force the men back.

The strike’s leaders stood trial at the Old Bailey, but after eight days the Attorney General dropped all charges and the men were acquitted.