October 1, 1995:

Manchester United striker Andrew Cole executes a spectacular overhead kick during the 2-2 draw with Liverpool at Old Trafford.
Scorers for United in the Premier League fixture were Nicky Butt after just two minutes and Eric Cantona with a penalty in the 71st minute. Both Liverpool goals came from Robbie Fowler.
The Red Devils won the league in 1995-6 with 82 points while Liverpool finished third with 71.
Front-runners Newcastle, who were 10 points ahead of United in December, finished second with 78 points.

October 3, 1978:

Getting down to some serious mechanical work at the Belle Vue speedway circuit are world champion trials rider Martin Lampkin, left, and Malcolm Rathmell, right.
Joining them before a practice session is road-racer Mick Grant, who won the Isle of Man Time Trials event no less than seven times.
Rathmell won the British Trials Championship six times between 1971 and 1980.


October 6, 1913:

Oldham weavers’ assistant Annie Kenney becomes the first Suffragette to be arrested after she and Christabel Pankhurst heckle Liberal minister Sir Edward Grey in Manchester.
The pair unfurled a banner proclaiming ‘Votes for Women’ at the Liberal rally in the Free Trade Hall before being thrown out and charged with causing an obstruction.
Kenney served three days in prison. Pankhurst was taken into custody for technical assault and later released.
The actions of the two women signalled the start of a new phase of militant tactics in the struggle for women’s suffrage in the UK.