October 1st 1956:

Air traffic controllers direct operations from the control tower of Manchester’s Ringway Airport in a scene very different from the high-tech environment of today.
Old-fashioned wooden chairs are still in evidence and the control room clock wouldn’t look out of place on a suburban mantelpiece! The 1950s was, however, a time of great expansion for the airport as buildings were refurbished, ground approach radar installed and the runway extended to cope with larger aircraft.

October 8th 1958:

Manchester United forward Albert Quixall, right, shares a joke with Chelsea striker Jimmy Greaves on the eve of playing for the English League against the Scottish League at Ibrox. The Scottish press christened the pair the ‘Terrible Twins’ of the English attack. Greaves was only 18 at the time and was making a colossal impact at Chelsea.
At 25, Quixall was more established. He’d just moved to United from Sheffield Wednesday for a British record fee of £45,000. He made 165 league appearances for the Red Devils from 1958 to 1964, scoring 50 goals.

October 8th 1939:

Students help stack sandbags at Manchester Grammar School in Fallowfield four weeks after the start of World War II. The buildings the sandbags were protecting were only nine years old as the school had moved from the city centre to its present site off Old Hall Lane in 1930. Its previous location was opposite Victoria railway station and Manchester Cathedral. A major extension was built in the 1870s to include new classrooms, laboratories and a gymnasium. The school’s motto, Sapere Aude, means ‘Dare to be Wise’.