M People

by | May 12, 2017 | 1990s, History, Manchester, News

The band M People were one of the most successful dance acts of the 90’s. M People (or Mike’s People) was formed in 1991 by resident Hacienda DJ Mike Pickering. Originally to feature multiple different singers, Pickering made Heather Small a permanent member of the band due to her distinctive vocal sound.

M People’s first hit single How Can I love You More reached number 29 in the charts in 1991. The song was popular around the Manchester club scene and the band gained a loyal following. The re release of How can I Love You More in 1993 earned the band their first top ten hit. One Night In Heaven was released later that year, followed by Moving On Up. The success of these singles firmly established M People as one of the most successful dance artists of the decade.

M People won numerous awards including the Mercury Music Award for the album Elegant Slumming in 1994 and the Brit Award for the Best British Dance Act in both 1994 and 1995. They were also awarded the prestigious ‘Freedom of Manchester’ award in 1999.

It is without a doubt that their Manchester fan base was the driving force behind their early success. Their debut album Northern Soul references their northern roots and mancunian influence.

Do you remember seeing M People perform live in Manchester? Were you there for their live performance at the Hacienda? Did you see them at the G-Mex during their Come Again tour? Were you at the Euro 96 concert at Old Trafford to see M People perform to over 60,000 people?

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